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SUMMACUM is a young company that uses a newly developed direct granulate to produce a product for mental performance. The PERFORMANCE POWDER is used as a more effective and healthier alternative to classic watchmakers such as energy drinks.
Summacum’s formula is: high-dose caffeine + specially selected micronutrients for focus, reaction and performance. The effective complex of active ingredients with magnesium, the vitamins B1 + B5 + B12, as well as ginkgo and choline, specifically supports the brain during periods of high stress.


Expert is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in the world, with more than 3,600 electronics stores spread across 21 countries.
Founded and organized on 16 October 1967 in Zurich by representatives of six national european retailers, the Expert International Group based in Zug (Switzerland) is now successful in 21 countries and is one of the market leaders in consumer electronics in many markets and household electrical appliances. Expert represents an annual external revenue of more than 13 billion


The guys and girls from lootchest are constantly on the lookout for the coolest items from games, movies and series to amaze our Looters every month. The focus is on fun, growing curiosity and, above all, surprise. With the 1 month box you no longer have to worry about your prey and will be provided once (optionally also by subscription) with the coolest items!



insurninja offers tailor-made insurances for pro gamers, core enthusiasts and their lifestyles.

insurninja was founded in 2018 by us, Niklas and Tim, with the intention to change the way insurances are made and looked after. For us “gamer experience first” counts – we make insurance for gamers, their lifestyle and everyday life. Exclusively.

Our products are fully modifiable, unbound and levelbar. That means maximum protection, superior control and maximum transparency for you, your hardware and your team. So prepared that you feel understood, picked up and challenged. Sounds good? It is.

Visit our Early Access now at https://ea.insur.ninja and see which changes, content and products are gradually finding their way onto the platform.



MMOGA provides you with an all-round service for online games and virtual goods. No matter what you need, we provide the right product. You get everything quickly and conveniently from one source – and always safe, as fast as possible and at reasonable prices! Buy at the market-leading virtual goods brokerage platform!


Visitlead is a web-based premium tool to interact in real time with your own website visitors. The wide range of functions simplifies contact. These include a video call feature, a detailed user dashboard, screen sharing and interactive widgets. Technically on a leading edge, the integration into the own homepage is also absolutely uncomplicated.


“BiteBox” stands for natural snacks and a conscious diet. Many know the classic machines with crisps, chocolate bars and wine gum bags. Naturally suitable for hunger attacks, but this is by no means nutritious and healthy. The “BiteBox” fits the bill perfectly: All snacks are packaged in small bowls, typically 50g, just the right amount for a little energy boost in the afternoon. The small “survival packages” not only satisfy hunger, but provide you with minerals, fiber and vitamins.


Teamspeak is, as the name implies, a software that is optimally designed to communicate in a large group. Teamspeak is the most popular communication platform for gaming communities. The requirements for Teamspeak are very low, so even older computers have no problems running Teamspeak in the background. So Teamspeak is optimal for use in response time dependent games.

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